BBC Radio Sheffield interview on misinformation

Social media companies have come under pressure to tackle COVID-19 misinformation

This morning I was interviewed by Toby Foster on BBC Radio Sheffield about the misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19 circulating on social media. We talked about how we as citizens should respond to false and misleading information online and how governments and social media companies might take stronger action to address it.

Many thanks to Toby, Katie and Robert at BBC Radio Sheffield for their help with this- enjoyed it!

The interview can be listened to here

Recognised as Dedicated Outstanding Mentor

I am delighted to report that I have been recognised as a Dedicated Outstanding Mentor by the University of Sheffield’s Research and Innovation Services. One of my mentee (very kindly!) wrote this about my mentoring skills:

It made me reflect on my options and I feel that now I have agreed formal timelines, I am more likely to action my ambition to be a P.I on a project, sooner. I think it is reasonable to say that I would have applied to be a P.I at some point, but feel the support has really pushed me on, and also helped me realise that there are other options open to me.”

Thanks to all of my mentees and Dr. Kay Guccione (who leads the Research Staff Mentoring Scheme) for their very positive feedback and support- very much appreciated!