Article published in UK Election Analysis report

I have an article in a new publication on the 2017 UK General Election edited by Einar Thorsen, Dan Jackson and Darren Lilleker from Bournemouth University. This rapid response report features 92 contributions from over 100 UK and international academics . Many thanks to Einar, Dan and Darren for the invitation to participate and all their hard work in producing this comprehensive report.

My article presents some preliminary findings from a study of 1,842 tweets posted during the BBC Northern Ireland Leaders’ Debate, which took place a few days before polling day. ‘ I explore the response of Northern Irish tweeters to statements made by the representatives of the main political parties during the debate.

The article can be accessed here.

The full report is available to download from here

The full reference for my article is below:

Reilly, P. (2017) Twitter, dual screening and the BBC Northern Ireland Leaders’ Debate, in Thorsen, E., Jackson, D., and Lilleker, D. (eds) UK Election Analysis 2017: Media, Voters and the Campaign, The Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community, Bournemouth University, Poole, England: 110-111.