Doc Media Centre

The Doc Media Centre is a museum, archive and library in Leicester city centre

I became the Doc Media Centre’s Researcher-in-Residence in September 2020. I am primarily responsible for organising conflict reportage newsrooms with DMC founder John Coster, producing research outputs, and curating resource lists. I provide ethical oversight and evaluation of all research activities conducted within the centre. I also am a mentor for Fellows who wish to access the DMC to develop their knowledge of global conflicts.

My research on how digital media can be used to preserve memories of the Northern Irish Troubles will be a key focus of my role as RiR at the Centre. For example of this, see our recent Conflict 100 Newsroom discussion of the Troubles on Instagram, for which John and I curated a set of open educational resources.

We are particularly interested to hear from social and early career researchers who would like to collaborate on projects that explore conflict memory and education. This can include blogs, written reports, documentaries and events that can be hosted by the DMC. If you are interested, please email