Newspaper and magazines

A selection of my newspaper and magazine interviews can be found below:

Long live local journalism says Sheffield media expert, op-ed Sheffield Telegraph, 16 April.

Lam, S. Social media censorship: A safety measure or a threat to free speech? Forge Press, 26 February 2020.

Rogers, C. The Report: Does social media have a place in formal education? Education Technology, 7 October 2019.

Gander, K. Psychologists discover deluded people and religious fundamentalists more likely to believe fake news, Newsweek, 30 October 2018.

Sharman, D.  Local journalists playing ‘critical role’ in ‘fake news’ fight, new study says, Hold the Front Page, 30 August 2018.

Nestor, H. Vero: ad-free social media that puts privacy first, Canvas8, 19 March 2018.

 Is the medium more important than the message? Communicating with disaster affected populations in the Information Age, France Forum, December 2016.

Famous British newspaper closured for digital only: Quality is the survival of the media in the digital age, Chinese Social Sciences Today,  19 February 2016.

Pickles, J.S. The far right and false imagery The National Student, 2 February 2016.

Politicians: Share sites are double-edged sword, op-ed, The Sun (Northern Ireland edition), 5 May 2015.

Scifo, G. Can Twitter help to defuse conflict in Northern Ireland? L’Atelier, 21 April 2015

Citizen tweeters: how Twitter users can work together to defuse social tensions, Northern Ireland Community Relations Council, E-News, Issue 65, April 2015.

How Twitter is defusing sectarian tensions, Belfast Telegraph, 31 March 2015.

Brenda Leyland: Did the press act responsibly when reporting the abuse directed at Kate and Gerry McCann? Leicester Mercury, 7 October 2014.

Disaster media could aid decisions, Professional Security, 15 August 2014.

A survey of British newspaper readership: online paid-for content loses popularity, Guanming Daily, 24 February 2014.

University of Leicester trio rewarded for their teaching, Leicester Mercury, 4 February 2014.

A new, different kind of ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland, Christian Science Monitor, Interview on use of social media during flag protests, 5 February 2013.

Mediating Disability in Broken Britain, Op-ed, Science Omega, 5 December 2012.

Conference to ask if media helps or hinders portrayals of disability, Harborough Mail,29 October 2012.

Gary Lineker’s son taunted by Twitter troll, Leicester Mercury, 3 August 2012.

Twitter, the Snoopers Charter and Online Privacy, World Financial Review, Op-ed on Twitter and privacy, 25 July 2012.

Social media empowers student protests in Montreal, Montreal Gazette, Interview about social media and protests, 21 May 2012.

Twitter did not incite people to riot, claims study, Leicester Mercury, 9 December 2011.

UK Police uses Twitter to monitor riots and false rumors, Softpedia, 24 November 2011.

Social media doubled edged sword in protests, CorpComms, 17 October 2011.

Golden rule that applies to tweeting too, Op-ed, Leicester Mercury, 3 February 2011.