New chapter on media representation of disability published today

Last year I contributed to a chapter on media representations of disability on British television before and after the 2012 Paralympics.

This chapter has been published today in an excellent Routledge book edited by Dan Jackson, Richard Scullion and colleagues. The reference for the chapter is:

Claydon, E.A, Reilly, P and Gunter, B (2015) Dis/Enablement? An analysis of the representation of impairment and disability on British terrestrial television pre- and post- the Paralympics, in Jackson, D, Hodges, C, Molesworth, M and Scullion, R (eds) Reframing disability? Media, (dis)empowerment and voice in the 2012 Paralympics, Routledge, pp.37-65.

More information on the book (including how to purchase it) can be found here

Presentation at ‘Scoping Questions of Privacy, Surveillance and Governance in the Digital Society,’

Yesterday I spoke at an event at the University of Sheffield focussing on questions of privacy, surveillance and governance in the Digital Society My presentation is below:

Other speakers at the event included Professor Clive Norris (Sheffield), Professor Kirstie Ball (Open University), Dr Andrew McStay (Bangor) and Dr Vian Bakir (Bangor). Thanks to John Steele and Jo Bates for the invitation and for organising an extremely interesting day – hopefully more to come!

Paper published in Information, Communication & Society

Filippo Trevisan and I have had our paper ‘Ethical Dilemmas in Researching Social Media Campaigns on Sensitive Personal Issues: Lessons from the Study of British Disability Dissent Networks’ published in Information, Communication & Society.

I will upload a preprint copy of the paper to the Publications section of this site in due course.