#Telekineticmedia, ThisPlace and ‘Performance Anxiety’ ☺

Worth a read – Andy McStay on telekinetic media and Google Glass.

Reflections On Glass

A busy week in London seeing analytics companies and developers, but in one standout meeting I took my first photo by means of telekinesis. This was on Wednesday at ThisPlace, the developers of MindRDR. A massive thanks go to Russell Plunkett (Innovations Director) for generosity of time and installing MindRDR on my Glass unit. Much appreciated.

Having been somewhat underwhelmed with Glass the MindRDR app grants insight into the potential for Glass. Despite the mass-market push (will or won’t Google launch it, how much will it cost, what will people do with it, will they be beaten to the UK market by other headsets, and so on), I’ve been fairly sceptical about its adoption. I’ve yet to meet a wearer who feels comfortable with them in public and who does not recognise the potential for making other people around them feel uncomfortable. We began by discussing some of the opportunities…

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