Update: Reportage Club on 26th November and new position

A few updates to share this week:

1) Reportage Club, Documentary Media Centre, 26th November, 6-8pm

I will be participating in an event on conflict reportage organised by John Coster (Citzens’ Eye) next Wednesday. Amongst other things, we will discuss my research on new media and citizen journalism in ‘post-conflict’ Northern Ireland.

Full details on the reportage club can be found here: http://citizenseye.org/2014/10/15/reportage-club-events-in-doc-media-month/

2) New role

I have recently taken on the role of Deputy Director of Research in the Department of Media and Communication. My role will involve giving feedback on external grant proposals and helping our Director of Research Professor Helen Wood in shaping the Department research strategy. As REF Impact Coordinator, I will be responsible for the identification of potential case studies for REF2020 and will work with the College of Social Science to capture evidence of the impact of research conducted within the Department. Therefore, you should expect more REF-related tweets in my stream than usual in the next few months…(apologies in advance!).

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